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Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Current Residence: South Carolina
Favourite genre of music: Rock,Some Classical
Favourite style of art: Horror! and Smut sometimes only if it's anime related
Operating System: Does this mean mah computer? if so then a Dell Laptop IT'S PINK!
Skin of choice: bloody skin! mwahaaaa lol i dunno what this means
Favourite cartoon character: Hidan


Ashura Dreemurr by TrueOkamiAmaterasu
Ashura Dreemurr
This little nightmare is an accidental child between Chara, Asriel and Snap, with no intention of ever being created or existing, nobody told Asriel or Chara how infant monsters are created, by mixing magic together, so when the two fused, Chara's determination and Asriel's magic created a small spark that laid dormant inside Asriel's body and soul and remained even as he became Flowey, when Flowey became Hyperdeath Asriel and absorbed the souls, the magic of everyone helped the child to finally form and with the sacrifice of Snap's soul to return Asriel to life, it finally triggered the appropriate response to allow Ashura's egg to be created, discovered by Asgore Dreemurr in his field of golden flowers, the king hatched the egg after some careful patience and consideration, to be shocked to find a small child inside the shell that looked almost like a copy of his son save for the different tuft of hair and the fleshy colored fur, Asgore understood that by some miracle this child came to him and he and Toriel both swore to protect him, due to the quite unusual circumstance of his birth, nobody knows for sure what powers he possesses or can do, personality wise, he appears to be gentle but a little on the odd side, getting bored easily, he often tends to jab and poke people and things with his stick, he doesn't normally have the heart to kill unless you hurt someone he cares about, then after that point, he will murder you ruthlessly and in cold blood

Ashura (c) :icontrueokamiamaterasu:
Art (c) :iconkohakukun19:
Undertale (c) Toby Fox
Feral Bone Dragon by TrueOkamiAmaterasu
Feral Bone Dragon
This is Bone Dragon Sans from my FatedTale AU of Undertale, when time and space collapsed, a brand new universe and timeline unlike any other no mercy or true pacifist run before had to be created, leaving the entire cast of characters reborn in new and bizarre and mystical forms, Sans is no different, he was transformed into a tall and slender dragon being, retaining his knowledge of timelines and resets and his ever comedic ability of bad puns, his one goal in life is to help Faeros make a future that will break the cycle of resets and pain for good, this is a size comparison of his true form compared to most normal sans, save for probably Gaster Sans who is slightly taller, enjoy!
Art belongs to :iconmissalmighty: 
Bone Dragon Sans belongs to me and my FatedTale AU
Sans belongs to Toby Fox
Faeros by TrueOkamiAmaterasu

This is Faeros from my FatedTale AU, he is essentially a reborn form of Frisk but a different being altogether due to being cursed by the dragon of fate and time, do not be fooled by his size, he is actually nearing 50 years of age, during a collapse of time and space, a new timeline had to be created one unlike any other true pacifist or no mercy run down before, the little flower on his wrist is Snap, his story will be explained later, Trigger warning for the bandages as Faeros is a self harmer

Art by :iconmissalmighty:
Frisk belongs to Toby Fox
Faeros and Snap belong to me and my FatedTale AU
Bonedragon Sans! by TrueOkamiAmaterasu
Bonedragon Sans!
This is my AU version of Sans, his name is Bone Dragon Sans, he became this form after all of the resets caused a collapse in the timelines and he became a different being all together, he still says bad puns though, because it wouldn't be a sans without bad puns, after so many resets and so many unfinished endings, time and space collapsed on one another and a new universe had to be created, one where a true ending unlike any no mercy or true pacifist run has been achieved before
Sans belongs to Toby Fox
Drawing by :iconmissalmighty: 
Bone Dragon Sans belongs to me! 
This drama has gone too this point it is both beating a dead horse and having more people coming out of it stressed, upset and unable to cope, now look, all of this war over a fictional pairing seems so silly and just so...pointless, now I don't want my comment section filled with: but it's this and that, and that and this! please, you're not helping the situation, neither side is, you're throwing around words that could actually and truly hurt people, because it is a ship you don't like, I get it, really I do, you ship what you like, and I'll ship what I like, we should be able to as fellow human beings respect each other's opinions if nobody is really being hurt then who really cares? I understand it can be triggering, I understand it might upset some of you survivors, I want to tell you a little story, it may not be of the same severity as your's, but it is who I am, since I was 5 I was bullied viciously, verbally and violently, I was nearly killed more than once because of bullies, seen people I cared about get stabbed because bullies carried things way too far, I also battled depression for 7 years, since I was 15, and 3 attempts at serious self harm, and thoughts of actually killing myself, I may not be a CSA survivor, but I am an abuse and depression survivor, all three are horrible horrible things to happen to someone, but we cannot let our past hurt us, yes I understand what it means to have it dwindle in the back of your mind forever, I get that, I do, but we're survivors! we're fighters! we need to stand up against our past, beat it back into the dark depths of hell from whence it came and keep it there and become stronger people and overall better people because of it, if we let it bother us, bring us down or trigger us, at the end of the day...our abusers win, they win and they know they did, it takes a true survivor, a true fighter to beat the odds, to beat the memories and live for a better day! Onto the topic of hurtful words being thrown about, now look, people can act so different on the internet than they do in real life it is not even funny, I get that, being behind a computer gives you strength to talk shit because most of the time nothing comes of it, but what it something does? your words even over the internet can mean something after all, the saying: Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words can shatter souls, choose wisely: has way more meaning than a lot of you can ever understand, you may shout and insult, spit and hit, and at the end of the day, that target may laugh, but they'll go home and they'll take in every single word you say, they'll think it over, take it in, and soon enough start thinking it about themselves, they'll lose self worth, esteem, sink into depression, and may in fact hurt themselves, at that point, you have gone too far, it is so easy to assume nothing will come out of what you say, but believe me, more comes out of it than you know, so please think before you act and speak, it can save lives, it really can, now on another note about pedophilia, that word is so much more damaging that you, any of you can imagine, that word that very word can get people locked up, and do you know what they do to people like that in jail? false accusations or not, they WILL beat you and try to kill you in that jail, sometimes quicker than the guards can react, do you all REALLY want to be responsible for the death of a sister, a daughter, a friend, and a lover? do you truly? because if something happens to them, the cops have all rights to get the FBI involved to look through computer files, track IP addresses and get people in jail for slander, mis-use of an electronic device and many other charges including assisting in the murder, because you made it possible for that person to be in a dangerous situation such as prison when they were completely innocent, is it really worth having someone brutally hurt like that? I don't think so, nothing on the internet is worth that, not any video game, not any tv show, not any art fandom, nothing...nothing is worth someone being forced to lose a loved one because someone got upset over the internet. Another thing I don't like is people playing moles and trying to spy for either side, going so far as to befriend and trick one side and reading on PRIVATE conversations like skype and posting those to the internet, or even just hacking someone one side cares about to get dirt on them, that's not alright either, how dare you hurt someone by shattering the trust they had in you, they were your friends, your companions, they may not be as closely related to you as your family, but by god, you should never hurt someone that bad, the worst thing of all is to be betrayed by those who you trusted and cared for the most. At the end of the day I understand what they may be saying is slander and it could ruin your reputation but it only ruins your reputation if you LET them do it, you have to be the bigger person, stand up and turn your back to them, prove them wrong, do things against what they're saying and they will lose crediability, their words will mean nothing as the people who really matter will see that you're not what they say and will follow you, on one last note, please...please if people look upon you as a leader, don't send them to gang up on someone, don't tell them to rot, just don't make huge drama situations like this, it is not worth bearing the pain and responsibility for your actions that will inevitably come if you persist, both sides are in the wrong, neither are right, it is only up to both sides to realize this, and stop it now, I apologize for going on a very long and lengthy vent but I feel I had to get this off my chest once and for all, life is far too short to be doing these things, guys
  • Listening to: Imagine Dragons
  • Watching: Ghost in the Shell
  • Playing: PS3 Minecraft
  • Eating: Egg Salad
  • Drinking: Root Beer

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